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    Support Jewish life at UCSC
  • Welcomeברוכים הבאים
    Celebrating 20 years of serving the UCSC Jewish Community
    ~ Established Fall 2003 ~
  • Chanukah: Light up the NightChanukah celebration on campus Thursday Dec 7th.
    Menorah/Candle kits available.
  • Shabbat DinnersMust RSVP by Friday 12:30pm
    Text SHALOM to 831.201.1462
    or click here
  • JewishUThe newest trend in learning about your Jewish Heritage.
    4-part minicourses. Engaging topics. No homework. JewishU Credits worth cash or exotic trip.
A Home for Jewish Celebration
and a Center for Jewish Education
serving the UCSC community.
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