Getting You There

Wednesday, 23 August, 2006 - 2:01 am

When we say we are your home away from home and we’re always looking out for Jewish Slugs – we mean it!


In order to make college life easier we have added this brand new feature to our website so you can find rides between school and your hometown, your home in town, or anywhere else you may need to go.


Use it, enjoy it, and spread the word. The more people involved the bigger variety we will all have.


To view or post a listing click on the comments link below.

Comments on: Getting You There

Shlomie wrote...

If you're driving down to LA this weekend or next 10/20 10/27) please give me a call 334.1451 or drop me an email [email protected]

Shlomie wrote...

If you're planning on going grape picking (/calendar/view/day.asp?tdate=10/22/2006) on Sunday and you have a car please let me know.

Renee wrote...

Hey if anyone could give me a ride to the San Jose Airport on Tuesday, November 21st at around 3ish, i'd really appreciate it....I will pay for gas.

Danielle wrote...

Hey guys! is anyone driving down to LA area for thanksgiving? i will totally pay for gas money! thanks~ :)

Elliot wrote...

I need a ride home to San Diego for Thanksgiving. I'd gladly pitch in for gas. Please let me know, thanks-Elliot

Sharon wrote...

I need a ride to LA area after 12/10/06 if anyone is leaving next week, please contact me. I will split the gas money. Thank you.

Sharon Orly Porat wrote...

Hi, I am heading home this Sunday 06/15 to Agoura Hills in LA County and was wondering if anyone needed a ride in that direction and would be able to pitch in for gas.