New School Year

Wednesday, 23 August, 2006 - 1:59 am

When we say we are your home away from home and we’re always looking out for Jewish Slugs – we mean it!


In order to make college life easier we have added this brand new feature to our website so you can find rooms or roommates without looking to far.


Use it, enjoy it, and spread the word. The more people involved the bigger variety we will all have.


To view or post a listing click on the comments link below.

Comments on: New School Year

Shoshanna Krall wrote...

Female, 25, here, working professional (outdoor educator). I'm between college and grad school, so am not actually a student- hope that's ok! I keep kosher and waffle about observing shabbat. Am looking for housing near Western Drive, High, Meder, Bay or similar, to be near friends, campus (I do a lot of things at the U) and my jobs. All levels of observance are fine with me. I like privacy and quiet, but also like friends, fun, and community. Hope to hear from you!

Alex Miller wrote...

We are 4 Jewish college students looking for a 5th person to share a house with for this year. Will need to pay for a single room for one quarter, and be willing to share a room for winter and spring quarters. House is strictly kosher (sounds frightening, but can be made easy and encourages organic and home-cooked meals!)
Enjoy fun Shabbat dinners and Holiday celebrations. Live in a fun lively environment that respects study needs.

David Silverglate wrote...

Room in a large (non-kosher) Jewish 5 bedroom home near UCSC. We are a family of five with three young boys (7, 10 & 13).

Master bedroom available including full private bathroom. House has modern kitchen, washer/dryer, big backyard & patio. Walking distance to campus and bus.

Room is available for one or two students.

Please e-mail or call me on my cell at 831 252-1200

Melissa Farkash wrote...

I'm looking for a place to stay or some who wants to join me in finding a place. Specifically, a female roomate/roomates who are shomer shabat and keep kosher. I graduated in December from another University and got a job in Hollister. I'm looking to move to the community.

If your interested gimme a call at 818-324-5632, or e-mail at [email protected]

Becca wrote...

Hey there beautiful people. I'm going to israel for the summer and am looking for someone to sublet my room from June1st-August 31st. I live in a big house in Aptos just down the street from Cabrillo. There are four other students (girls) who live in the houe as well, but will be in and out due to summer travels. We do not keep kosher or observe shabbt. I myself observe occasionally. The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a GIGANTIC kitchen, indoor balcony over the living room, a back pation and fire pit, and a front patio. The rent is $700 with all utilities included. Contact Becca t 847.903.0981 if you are interested.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Daniel wrote...

Hey Everyone!
I have a room opening up for the next school year. Its a nine month lease (Sep 15th to June 15th) and the house comes fully furnished. Its a 3 bedroom house located in a very nice area (west cliff).
Rent will be 650 plus utilities (divided by three people).
Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Shlomie wrote...

Daniel, how can you be reached?

Erin wrote...

Hi, my name is Erin and I live in a three bedroom home with two other girls. We have a single opening up July 1st ( I know that's fast) and really want to find a roomate. The rent is month-to-month, but it would need to start July 1st and hopefully last through the school year. We are really close to campus, just of Bay Street and it's a really nice place, the rent for the double is only $650. Give me a call at 559-936-1306 ASAP if you are even a little bit interested.

Sharon Porat wrote...

Hi, my name is Sharon and I am a fourth year at UCSC. I am currently abroad and will be back in the Santa Cruz area in December. I am looking for a single that is relatively close to the UC campus that I could rent out for winter and spring quarter. If you have a room opening, please send me an e-mail at [email protected]