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Chabad Cares is how we will be Here For You during corona era. It's all about:

Personal Care. Human Connection. Responsible Behavior.

Jewish Celebration
Shabbat and holiday celebration will take place primarily in the form of to-go kits, and Zoom programming (during the week and pre-Shabbat/holiday). Occasionally we will host exclusive in-person events with limited participants following social distance guidelines.*
Everything will be via RSVP only. RSVP through our new mobile friendly system
here  or via

Jewish Education
Our enriching and in depth courses will happen on Zoom via our new learning academy, JewishU.
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Here For You
While programs are limited for the time being, our personal care is as strong as ever!
Please reach out to
Devorah Leah or Rabbi Shlomie if there is something we can help with - emotionally, spiritually or practically. 

Always looking out for #JewishSlugs,
Rabbi Shlomie & Devorah Leah Chein

*For in-person events participants must maintain 6-ft social distancing and wear masks. You must RSVP, and may not attend if experiencing any symptoms of illness, or have been exposed to someone that has been, in the past 72 hours. If one experiences symptoms within 72 hours after the event, one must report to Devorah Leah or Rabbi Shlomie. 



Perspective: Test Negative. Live Positive. 

We hope you’re staying safe and calm, following recommended precautions while exercising your trust in God. 

Life is a road of opportunities. Some are identified with clear signs, others are hidden off the beaten path. As you know from adventurous travel, the latter are often the best experiences. 

When we are faced with unforeseen or uncontrollable realities around us, we must focus on finding the good. We can’t just react, we must proactively explore how this will help us grow. And we must never panic, despair or view ourselves as victims of circumstances; we must be seizers of opportunity. 

You’re schooling and life is experiencing a detour. It’s time for an adventure. What does God have in store for you? What on your bucket list will you now be able to do or explore? What character trait will you exercise or refine? What topic will you delve into? Which long lost friend will you reach out to? Which Jewish experience that you've been accustomed to attending can you now produce on your own?

You’re destined for great things.