About Chabad on Campus UCSC

In a Nutshell: 
Chabad on Campus UCSC is a Home for Jewish Celebration and a Center for Jewish Education adjacent to UCSC.

Our Mission:  
True to the philosophy of  Chabad, and guided by the love, inspiration and blessings of the  Rebbe, we strive to enable, assist, and encourage, every Jew connected to this campus to grow in their own  unique way and at their own  indiviudal pace in the circle of the three loves: Love of your fellow; Love of your heritage; and Love of your G‑d.

At Chabad we believe that these three loves are the secret to a better self, a better community, and a better world.

Our Method: 
Most of our educational programs and organizational services take place on campus. To provide students with that much needed  home away from home feeling, family-centered celebrations, like Shabbat dinner, take place with the Chein family in their home, the Chabad House. 

Chabad on Campus UCSC is a unique organization that offers Judaism with a personal touch, provides a place where tradition meets trend, uses a style that fuses mysticism with modernity, and caters to a community while focusing on the personal needs of each individual.

Chabad on Campus is much more than just an organization; it is a Jewish home away from home at UCSC. We develop a rapport with hundreds of students from a myriad of backgrounds, assisting them on a path to appreciate their heritage and proudly identify with Judaism. We offer a non-judgmental, open and friendly beacon of light amidst an array of political agendas, counter-cultures, and isms all vying for the student’s body and mind. We are an address where every Jewish student can turn to for everything from a homemade bowl of chicken soup Friday night to a Torah class or a philosophical discussion during the week. On a personal level, Rabbi Shlomie, Devorah Leah and their family are available 24/7 for counseling or just a welcoming friendly chat.  Our pledge is to touch the heart of each boy and girl, thus increasing their knowledge and commitment to G‑d and humanity.

Beyond Students: 
Additionally, programs are created, events are held, and visits are made, for faculty members, staff and even alumni. We create programs that fuse academics with traditional Jewish teachings, brings qualified speakers to speak on new age issues through applying age old wisdom, organizes timely and accessible holiday and Shabbat events that provide an opportunity for faculty members, staff, and alumni to spend time together with gourmet food, intellectual discussion, and Jewish camaraderie.

For Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Unaffiliated and Any Jew That Moves: 
The center opens its arms and hearts to all without a membership requirement, and is a place where Jews from all walks of life, regardless of background, affiliation or level of observance feel at home. We don't merely wait for the people to come to us; we go out and bring the joys of Judaism and the gifts of friendship to them. Through blending traditional values with contemporary techniques, we are able to help people connect to their roots as they discover meaning in living Jewishly. With a wide range of educational programs, services, holiday events, lectures series, one-on-one opportunities and social outings, the center offers Judaism on every level, thus ensuring Jewish pride, continuity and identity for each member of our community.

This will surely bring us all one step closer to an era of true peace and prosperity with the coming of  Moshiach now.

Share in our Success; Invest in our Programs

While worldwide Chabad-Lubavitch is united in its beliefs and aspirations, each center is an independent entity and financially self-supporting. We are responsible to raise every cent of our $240,000.00 annual operating budget. The financial means that allow us to continue to so lovingly and unconditionally help others comes through the support of caring and conscientious individuals such as you.

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We would like to thank George and Pamela Rohr, the Guzik Foundation, the Shine Corp, and FC Mint, for their outstanding generosity in supporting our vital work.