Curious about your heritage? Wonder what it means to be Jew? Want to explore G‑d's gift to you - the Torah?Do you feel like you would love to but don't know where to go and don't have time to get there?
Well then you will love this:

Have Rabbi Shlomie or Devorah Leah study with you - when, what, and where you want!
simply fill in the correct info and choose a topic from our menu





 1. Hebrew Ala Bet
This has been a favorite since creation - the Hebrew language; learn to read it.

 2. Seasonal Special
A tour through the Jewish calendar; learn when to fast and when to eat, but more importantly learn the meaning behind the superb events that dazzle the Jewish Calendar.

 3. Kosher Cocktail
An overview of the laws of Kosher; where the winning and dinning goes beyond the food.

 4. Wraps
An overview of Teffilin; with the chance to wrap one yourself.

 5. Edge Roll
An overview of Mezuzah; learn about the rolled scroll that hangs on the edge of your doorway.

 6. Shabba Tart
It is one day, but it beautifies your whole week; discover why Shabbat is such an art.


 7. Torah Taco
Enjoy a thorough verse by verse study of the Torah (bible), peppered with an array of colorful commentary, spiced with Jewish life and held together in the folds of a three thousand year old tradition.

 8. Grilled Talmud
Turned once and then flipped again, every statement undergoes thorough grilling by the sages of the Talmud; this is your ticket to Judaism's Hibachi table.

 9. Law Combo
This choice is about the details. Take an in-depth look at the various legal components that combined make up one (or more) of Judaism's fabulous commandments.

 10. Prayer Fillet Minyan
Cut away the old stigmas and visions of a boring prayer ritual. Discover the true meaning of prayer and it will never taste the same.

 11. Tanya Turnover
Prepared from the inside out this fantastic topic will guide you through the inner workings and subconscious motives of your daily behavior. It will give you control.

 12. Weekly Special
Try the weekly Torah portion; it is different every week of the year, and the message is always fresh.


 13. Kabala Krunch
Put the final touch on issues, topics, and daily life, with a sprinkle of Kabala.

 14. Funky Folk Tales
Explore the fascinating tales of the Talmud and Midrash and tap into the metaphysical side of Jewish study.

 15. Viva La Ethics
Beyond the laws; learn how to live a life of kind quality and soothing wit.