Women in the Bible
Stevenson 36

Explore the fascinating narratives pertaining many of the woman in the bible. Comb through the timeless stories of love and animosity, heroism and cowardice, modesty and seduction, loyalty and betrayal, independence and surrender.

Such stories can’t be read; they must be deciphered!

This 2 credit (discussion-based) course will encourage and enable you to  comb through the bible with your own lens. You will transcribe your personal reflections (questions, critique, or understanding etc) of each week’s selected narrative in a one page paper due prior to each class. During class we will randomly select papers for discussion. Each class will conclude with a perspective presented by Rabbi Shlomie.

See here for full syllabus.

Enroll on my.ucsc.edu. Email Rabbi Shlomie if you have any questions or enrollment is full. 


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