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From our elegant four course Shabbat dinners every week at Friday Night Live, to our fantabulous mega Holiday programs throughout the year...

At the Chabad Student Center you can spice up your UCSC experience with some JewCSC excitement!

Celebrate your heritage. Celebrate life.
Your education didn't stop in grade school, and your Jewish education definitely shouldn't end in Hebrew School.

Explore the timelessness of your rich heritage with the incredible courses we offer, including: UCSC accredited classes, Sinai Scholars Society, and personalized study time with the Rabbi.
From leadership retreats to social action opportunities; Educational trips to Israel, to informal barbecues; chances are we are offering something up your alley.
Like your home, Chabad House is always open for you.

Like your home, if we know in advance that you're coming we can make your visit more enjoyable.

Reserve here for various Chabad Events