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Jewish Education

Jewish Education

Incredible 8 week course exploring "Revolutionary Ideas Judaism Introduced to the World".

This course is offered in Winter and Spring Quarters only. Space is limited.
A 6-week course exploring Israel through 4,000 years of Jewish history, literature and culture.
2 Credit UCSC course with Rabbi Shlomie.

Explore the stories of some of the famous, and not so famous, women in the bible.

2 Credit UCSC Course offered by Rabbi Shlomie Chein.

Explore the mysteries of Kabala through the lens of 18th Century Kabalistic Thought and Literature.
What makes the Torah the bestselling book in history?

Join us as we analyze this age old wisdom and discover its timeless messages. Dare to find your own predicaments in its scripts, and see for yourself why the Torah was always ahead of its times, still keeping us on our feet with secrets for better living and a better tomorrow.
A four-week combo course of study and cooking, as you explore Judaism's take on all matters culinary, then prepare and eat classic kosher cuisine.
Roundtable review of the book of Exodus interpolated with Midrashic commentary and Chassidic insight.

Coming soon...

A multi-series course exploring the sources, reasons, and modern application of Jewish Classics (such as Kosher, Shabbat, Charity etc).
Want to learn more about your heritage but can't find a class that satisfies your interest or fits your schedule?

Have the Rabbi come study with you what, when, and where you want!