Locals Only Purim 

Local vibes; Purim jives. A party for UCSC students celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim.
Buffet. L'Chaim (21+). Local theme. Costumes. Megillah room.
Wed night Feb 28th 8:00-10:00pm.  


Purim Express

 All four Mitzvot of Purim in 45 minutes: hear the story of Esther, feast, give charity and give a food gift to a friend (provided).

Hamantashen.jpg   Thursday Mar 1st  •  Time and Campus venue TBA 
Satiracal Slideshow Megillah Reading
  Bagels and lox Lunch
  Gift bag for a friend
  Coins for charity
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Costume Contest 

   Holiday Information
   International Costume Contest