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Candle Lighting Times
Santa Cruz, California USA
Friday, October 24
Light Candles at: 6:02 pm
Shabbat, October 25
Shabbat Ends: 6:58 pm
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Upcoming Events
Celebrity Guest Speaker
Oct 24, 2014 - 7:30 pm
A Shabbat dinner guest you don't want to miss... You use her work countless times throughout your day. Meet the personality behind it. Stay tuned...
Friday Night Live
Oct 31, 2014 - 7:00 pm
Can you handle an elegant four course dinner that excites the spirit, satisfies the soul, and does wonders for your hungry stomach?
Think about it…
You’re Jewish – Tonight’s Shabbat; let’s call it a date.
Our dinners are candle lit and always begin with a cup of wine.

Pray @ 7:00 - Eat @ 7:30. Feel at home; come and go as you please.
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Sponsor Shabbat Dinner
Sponsor a table at Shabbat dinner in honor of a loved one.

What a beautiful gift.   More »

Sinai Scholars
Incredible 8 week course exploring "Revolutionary Ideas Judaism Introduced to the World".

This course is offered in Winter and Spring Quarters only. Space is limited.   More »

Women in the Bible
2 Credit UCSC course with Rabbi Shlomie.

Explore the stories of some of the famous, and not so famous, women in the bible.

Winter Quarter 2014   More »

18th Century Kabalah
2 Credit UCSC Course offered by Rabbi Shlomie Chein.

Explore the mysteries of Kabala through the lens of 18th Century Kabalistic Thought and Literature.

Spring 2014.   More »


Away from Home
Parents: Back to School can be "Back to Home" thanks to the Chabad Student Center!

You'll still miss her, but we'll look after her.   More »

Brainy & Chillster
Meet Brainy & Chillster - you'll be seeing them around the Chabad Student Center this year!   More »

JewC Store
Enjoy some Chabad Memorabilia. Whether for your self, or as a gift, this stuff puts smiles on faces.

You love Chabad. Share the love.   More »

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